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Company NameLindia Chemical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Country/Region:Guang Dong - China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Contact:Lyson LeeSales Director
Last Online:25 Nov, 2017
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Product Description

During the ocean transport or storage, the big temperature changes between day and night on the sea make the high-temperature air in the day full of water saturate because of the falling temperature at night.. As a result, the goods usually experience the marine high-temperature climate and comparatively big changes of temperature between day and night which often vary from 0 centigrade to 8 centigrade, with the humidity being able to reach 98%. This phenomenon is called condensation. The amount of water in the air is 30.4g/m3, when the temperature is 30 centigrade. When the temperature drops from 30 centigrade to 10 centigrade, the amount of water vapor will drop to 15.4g./m3. While the other steam will condemn to water. This is the usually-called rain in the container, which has a bad influence on the packing. Therefore, a certain amount of desiccants should be used to solve this problem.

TOPDRY desiccants is a dehumidifier product that are used to control the moisture inside the container.
It prevent the water vapour in the container to reach its dew point and becomes water.Thus this help to protect the cargoes against damage causes by the moisture during shipment.
TOPDRY desiccants can absorb up to 200% of its own weight for 60-90 days when its fully maximize.
With its high absorption , lesser unit is require to be use for per shipment.Thus this lead to cost saving and increase of efficiency.

TOPDRY desiccants is an non toxic product comprise of calcium chloride and a food grade binding agent.
It is easily disposable due to its non toxic component thus no special handling or  manpower are required.
TOPDRY desiccants after absorbing the moisture will become gel because of the binding agent.
This will eliminate the chances of water leaking out from the desiccants and damage the cargoes.

When you picked up the TOPDRY Container Desiccant, it was heavy, soaked with water, while the silica gel hadn't absorbed nearly as much moisture.

Payment Terms:T/T
Packing:With a special system of double packing:Tyvek and Non-Woven
Lead Time:3-7days
Standards Certificate:Food-grade,SGS

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